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Dear friends, family, and supporters,

I知 thrilled to announce that I値l be touring a new work in Maine this summer. Through the Denmark Arts Center, my collaborators and I will be developing and premiering a work in New England in July 2017.

While I知 thrilled for the opportunity and the support Denmark Arts Center is providing, I am also facing the fact that traveling is expensive. We need to raise at least $1,000 to make this tour viable for all the collaborators who will be traveling and working out of town for the duration of the tour.

The collaborators include myself, Samuel Hanson, Kirsten Schnittker and Emma Rose Brown. We池e also talking with set designer Sofie Iommi. We致e been exploring the heart, its function and cultural associations. Our research is bringing up ghosts, gods, heartache and love.

I知 reaching out to you for support. Let痴 make this new dance happen.

Donate $10 or more and receive a THANK YOU CARD, originally designed and drawn by our collaborative team.

Donate $30 or more, and you値l receive a thank you card PLUS an invitation to our upcoming OPEN REHEARSAL in New York in May. Get a sneak peak of the work and glimpse the creative process in action.

Donate $75 or more, and you値l receive a thank you card, an invitation to our open rehearsal, AND a one-of-a-kind TOTE BAG, designed and created by the collaborative team. We do take requests some requests.

When we hit our goal of $1,000, I値l send you a celebratory gif to mark the occasion!

Make your donation by clicking HERE ... OR ... write a check to 擢ractured Atlas, write 泥iana Crum on the memo line, and mail it to Diana Crum / 355 Clinton Ave 4H / Brooklyn, NY 11238. All donations, made either online or by check, are tax-deductible.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about the project or this campaign. I壇 be happy to tell you more about it.

Thanks for your ongoing support. You help bolster our work in the arts.



P.S. Diana Crum痴 ongoing dance projects is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Diana Crum痴 ongoing dance projects must be made payable to 擢ractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Photo by Irene Brisson. Dancer is Katherine Folckomer. Website by Diana Crum ゥ2009